What Are Leadership Traits Theory?

What Are Leadership Traits Theory?

Leadership traits are personal qualities used to define leaders who are effective. Leadership is the ability to guide teams, people or even organizations in a bid to achieve certain goals and, or objectives. This is done by individuals or organizations. The Leadership traits theory is important in management because it helps in maximizing efficiency and in achieving organizational and strategic goals. Leaders act as great motivators, the give guidance, boost morale, initiate action and make the work place better.

Traits That Show Effective Leadership:

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Many people are under the impression that leadership skills are something that some people are gifted with however, like other skills, leadership traits can be obtained and developed with time and with practice. Below are the traits of effective leaders:

  1.   Effective Communicators 

Leaders should be great communicators. They must have the ability to explain problems and solutions, clearly. Leaders also know the appropriate time to talk and the time to listen. Moreover, leaders can communicate over different media be it face to face, over email, through the phone and so on.

  •  Responsible And Accountable

Leaders will always take responsibility for any mistakes and be accountable for their actions. They encourage and support individuality as long as it is within the organizational structure, policies and rules.

  • Long Term Thinkers 

Leaders must be visionaries. This is seen by their trait of planning for the future through goals that are concrete and also quantifiable. They understand that there is need to make continuous change. They are also open to try new methods of solving problems or for improving processes.

  • Self Motivated 

Leaders must be self motivated. They must keep going and must achieve goals regardless of setbacks. Good leaders must also try to exceed expectations not just meet them.

  •  Confident 

Great leaders are confident. They can make difficult decisions and they also lead with mastery. When leaders are confident they inspire and reassure their teams, open communication and inspire teamwork.

  • People Oriented 

Leaders are people oriented and they are team players. They foster team culture, show genuine concern for others and involve them in making decisions. Leaders energize and give others motivation by being people oriented. They make all the team members feel important and thus each team member gives their best efforts.

  • Emotionally Stable 

Leaders must have good control over their emotions and behavior even when they are frustrated or stressed. They must learn to cope with change in the environment without overreacting.

  • Decision Making Capabilities 

Leaders should make decisions that are right and the right time. The decisions leaders make have a great impact on many. A leader must always take time to think before making a decision and then once they make one, they must back it up. Although most leaders make decisions alone, it is important to seek advice from stakeholders before deciding on something.

  • Empathy 

Leaders must be empathetic towards their team members. Unfortunately, it is common for leaders to be dictators and due to this; they are incapable of connecting with their teams. As a leader, being able to understand the problems that one’s followers face and being able to feel their pain and providing solutions to them, is a gateway to being a great and an effective leader.


In order for one to become a great leader, they must possess all the above traits. For leaders who lack Leadership traits theory, it is difficult for them to accomplish anything.

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