The Influencer Marketing Report For Every Digital Marketing Strategist -

The Influencer Marketing Report For Every Digital Marketing Strategist

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Today influencer marketing has become one of the mainstream online marketing streams. Influencer marketing is basically a form of social media marketing of products and services offered by a vast range of selective through influencers, people and organizations. It is a mixture of old and new marketing strategy to amplify the sales and profit. Influencer marketing includes celebrity endorsements and brand promotion on a wider scale. This collaboration between the brand and the influencer benefits both of them and indirectly increase the sales globally. Many surveys are performed each year to calculate the total output that has been achieved through influencer marketing. This is known as the influencer marketing report.

What is Influencer Marketing?

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Today we see an increase in social media influencers. These influencers have the potential to set a new trend, bring in new fashion and promote several products and services through their social media platform. This has given rise to a large scale high yielding advertising campaigns. Influencer marketing involves a famous public figure which could be a celebrity, stylist or a well established youth who inspires large scale of people. With the rise of Tik-Tok popularity, there has been an immense increase in number of influencers. This era of pandemic has hit almost every sector of the global market yet brand endorsements and collaborations have increased alarmingly. What happens in influencer marketing is that, a brand or a company approaches a well established influencer and presents before them an offer. The product which the influencer promotes creates a huge demand in the market benefitting the company. The company then in return pays some fraction of the amount gained through this marketing strategy. This is two end advertising. It benefits both, the brand as well as the influencer. 

Influencer Marketing Report 2021

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The end of 2020 witnessed a slight change in the influencer marketing demographics. The countries like USA and UK had more consumers who were interested in those products and brand endorsements which were more appealing in terms of content. They were more driven by the influencers who had unique content. The essential products of daily use were more in demand globally than any other products available. The year 2020 marked an increment in endorsement of basic necessities rather than luxuries. The targeted reach of the audience depends solely on the followers of the influencers and their stand globally. It is estimated that the influencer marketing industry will witness a growth of approximately 13.8 billion by the end of is also interesting to note that various brand choose same influencers for different campaigns. The survey shows that the statistics of influencer marketing is growing considerably each year. In 2016 influencer marketing was worth 1.6 billion. Just after four years it has increased more than twelve times. The growth is observed in high progression and directs about the future of advertising industry globally and how influencers have made a robust impact.

Micro and Macro Influencers

We known majority of influencers from Instagram and you tube. These influencers of YouTube and Instagram are just the micro influencers. Micro influencers constitute fir majority of brand endorsements and make up to 57% of the total. Whereas macro influencers contribute only about 2-4% of the total global endorsements. It is Tik-Tok which backs the maximum statistics from the contribution of influencers and has jaw dropping reach as well of followers. The recent trend shows that micro influencer counts for the maximum profit and growth of influencer marketing.

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