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qualities of a leader

Before learning anything about the qualities of a leader, you should learn about the leadership style that will be applicable for conventional project approaches and even the types involved in leadership and project management. This article gives you an idea of the same.

Leadership style

Leadership Ideas

The leadership style to be discussed is the authoritative style. Most conventional leaders follow this in the projects that are undertaken. This allows helping the team members to understand the real meaning behind the decisions that are taken. It also helps everyone to explore their chances and ways of doing rather than simply strictly following an order. This would allow presenting more creativity to the projects.

Authoritative leadership could be of use in this scenario. The case requires the need to develop an optimization for a call center system to maximize customer inflow and reduce costs. Implementing the authoritative style, they could ask the team members to research on the best solutions to be available for this. Based on the previously implemented systems, a better system can be created. Optimization service for the call center systems already functioning can also be done.

After creating a suitable pattern of the functioning of the call centers, the draft would be presented before the entire team. The different elements of the system would be analyzed briefly. Upon this, the team members would receive a fair idea of the right functioning methods. This would help the call centers to function as required. 

Better solutions would also be welcome. Also, if team members and callers can implement more than one of the proposed elements, it would be widely appreciated. 

Project Approach

Leadership Ideas

Agile project management could work well with the Authoritative leadership that is being followed. The team members could expand their chances of developing the right solution that could help in this scenario. This could be guided and organized with the help of the authoritative leader who would lead the team in the right direction. The leader could explain the different methods that could be considered and the members can in turn collaborate and find the required solution. Agile project management is also quite suitable in case of a need for developing software. It aims at working towards team collaboration and recognition of changes. This would also be the best one to consider to develop collaborative services with the customer. Changes are also quite welcome and easily implemented in this system. 

Other Leadership Styles

The transformational leadership style is about assigning goals to the individual members and the agile methodology is about achieving the goals in small chunks. Transformational leadership would assign goals with deadlines and the agile methodology would be used to complete those smaller goals to achieve a big goal. In addition to this, the values and principles of agile methodology are integrated best with transformational leadership. The optimal leadership style in the first project is Strategic leadership. The main operations, as well as the growth opportunities, are intersected in this type of leadership. 


The existing operations of the business are studied strategically to streamline the processes and find opportunities to expand the business. The optimal leadership style in the second project is a transformation leadership style that will push the team members to get out of their comfort zone and innovate the project.

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