Good Leader: The Traits Of A Good Leader


Over the years, I have come to realize that the traits of a good leader are very broad and can vary from person to person. It is not just a skill but also a quality of the heart that is needed to be a leader. It is a trait that comes with experience and not just being a leader.

Traits Defining A Good Leader

The Traits of a good leader are always evolving, and no one trait defines the characteristics of a good leader. Each leader must use his/her judgment on what traits are essential to him/her and what qualities he/she wants to achieve through that trait.

Good Leader: The Traits Of A Good Leader
Good Leader: The Traits Of A Good Leader

Having Deep Belief In People: Good Leader

A leader is someone who has a deep belief in people. He/she is an inspiration and motivator for his/her team. He/she listens to his/her team and learns how to use his/her team’s talents to its best advantage.

Also, they recognize their limitations. He/she will take the time to get to know his/her team and then develop ways to cope with it. He/she does not want to find himself in a situation where they need to step back and regain their edge.

Good Leader: The Traits Of A Good Leader
Good Leader: The Traits Of A Good Leader

Becoming Better Each Day: Good Leader

When developing a team’s quality, a good leader helps them to become a little better each day and adjusts to each as they go. He/she finds a way to bring out the best in them, and if they are acting out, they will show ways to harness their talents.

Also, when developing a group’s performance, they allow all members to feel their best and maintain this for the benefit of the team. When things do not seem to be going well, he/she tries to identify why he looks at the problem objectively and comes up with ways to improve the situation. They will never resort to back-breaking tactics.

Teaching Values And Ethics

A good leader also teaches the group’s values and ethics. He/she will always try to uphold the highest ethics and morals. Also, a good leader will bring his/her values and ethics into his/her team’s performance.

Great teams will be able to provide superior results for the money. So when team members are consistently performing below expectations, it is time to get involved.

Many leaders are not as qualified as their teams, and even though some of these leaders are more successful than others, they too have had their share of failures. It is often helpful to relate to them and understand their issues.

Being On Schedule

I had known people who were always behind schedule, who hated it when the team did not turn out the way they wanted, and their teams were mediocre, while some of these people are now great, and they too had these problems. And sometimes, the only difference between the first and second-team is one person had a problem, and that is the person that was always first behind schedule.

When coaching a new team or a team trying to recover from a failing one, I encourage the new team to talk to the old team members and express appreciation for what they did. They know what the most effective way to handle this would be, and I do not want to diminish what any of the team members are doing, it is not my job to point fingers.

Final Words

However, I will tell you what I have found is that it was not the leader that was behind schedule or performing poorly. It was the team member that was not motivated because he/she did not know how to reach the next level of performance.

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