All you need to know about some necessary Skills for a job

skills for a job

Graduated candidates should have some specific skills for which employers put emphasis on. Depending on the sector you choose, you should have some knowledge and ability to get a job. There are some skills that are general and must have in order to bag some amazing jobs. Some of these are transferrable and develop over time but they can be regarded as a passport to successful career.

Perseverance and motivation


Employers want you to have an attitude where you are ready to get up and go. Failure is inevitable and everyone faces it at some point. But what matters is that with which attitude you take your failure. You should find a way even when things are challenging and take up failure in good spirits. You should be cheerful and give out good vibes.


One of the key skills is to be a good leader. It does not mean that you will become a leader in the starting but you should know the ways to motivate your team and let each and every member feel involved. Leadership is not only about assigning tasks and setting deadlines, a leader can lead to a success or failure of a project.


You should prove your worth by being a team player. Every one can work alone but to work in a team means face lots of criticism as well as appreciation. Taking all these in good spirits in vital for success, and you should find a way to develop a good relationship with your collegues.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness is all about knowing how a specific industry works and know all about the company. You should be aware of the working of the whole company and not just your awn domain.

Communication skills

This is a very important factor to get a job. You should know how to present your ideas and speak to others. You should be clear and consise with what your goals are and this should be effectively communicated to the audience. You should speak respectfully to your collegues and not look down to anyone.


All employers look for resilience as they should be able to cope up with the changing environments. Companies are not static and they change with things changing around them. You should know show your resilience to impress your employers.

Analytical skills

This is a very important and you should be able to process different information and patterns and then draw logical conclusions from them. These tests are tested during the aptitude tests.

Entrepreneurial skills

Looking to the marking patterns and throwing ideas to improve them is a very important skills. Entrepreneurship does not always mean that you have to set up your own business. All employers look for recruits with fresh ideas, who can suggest changes and make the company a success.


The above mentioned are just few of the many skills that employers look for. You should not be disheartened if you do not get your dream job at once. You should take small steps and be patient and work hard. Success comes to those people who learn from their failure. If you are consistent then no one can stop you.

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