A Detailed Guide About Guerilla Marketing

guerilla marketing

Guerilla Marketing is a creative and low-cost way to promote your business. It involves using unconventional methods to get your message out there, such as street theater, flash mobs, and even graffiti. While it can be risky, it can also be very effective in getting the attention of your company.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

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Guerilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on fewer, more targeted efforts to reach small but focused groups of consumers in order to gain maximum attention at minimum cost. It’s one part creativity and two parts resourcefulness, involving low-cost strategies in both idea development and execution tactics. Guerilla Marketing attempts to cut through “clutter” in today’s media landscape by using unusual approaches that grab consumers’ attention through novelty or shock value. Advertisers use guerrilla marketing because they’re getting more bang for your buck when it comes to reaching their target audience.

Benefits of Guerilla Marketing

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As a business owner, you are probably striving hard to build your brand name while keeping customer loyalty and increasing your market share. You have a website, social media profiles, and probably some presence on Google Maps among other online directories. You work with a few trusted bloggers to get the word out about your new products and services across a range of channels.

So you’re doing all the right things for digital marketing, but still not getting as much visibility as you expected? Guerilla Marketing can help boost your business’s visibility by gaining listings on local business directories, which are fast-growing in popularity due to their ease of use and affordability. Your listing is guaranteed to be seen by those who need it most – potential customers who are searching directory listings for your type of business or product/service that you offer.

Types of Guerilla Marketing

There are several forms of guerilla marketing, although the most common is buzz marketing. Buzz marketers create attention through diverse tactics that get their product or service talked about in both online and offline channels. Here are some additional forms of guerilla Marketing :

This type of guerilla activity involves covertly installing advertising billboards on ATM machines which are displayed when you take out cash or fill up your mobile petrol tank. You can also place portrait studios at strategic locations where potential clients make regular visits e.g. hospitals and shopping centers, and you can advertise there too!

A type of guerilla marketing involves an innovative way to promote a brand by giving out free branded garments to influential local people who can spread the word to their friends and social connections.

Involves creating a good first impression by providing customers with a memorable experience that leaves them wanting more. You can do this by inviting clients for free food and drinks, or offering an attractive money-off deal as appreciation for their visit.

The use of targeted cold calling campaigns focused on winning new business from unresponsive leads.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing

The examples below show how companies have used guerilla marketing tactics effectively:

In a bid to boost its brand’s visibility, Proactiv created a pop-up skincare salon in London near one of its main competitors’ stores and gave away free samples of its products.

A clothing brand, Point used guerilla marketing to advertise one of its new lines by creating a billboard that appeared as if it was defaced with graffiti.


Guerilla marketing is a way for businesses to create buzz and attract customers without breaking the bank. It’s about getting creative with your marketing strategy, using low-cost or free techniques that generate high returns on investment (ROI). This article will teach you how to develop an effective guerrilla marketing campaign in five simple steps: define your audience; identity what they want; brainstorm different ways of reaching them; execute your plan; measure ROI so you can improve future campaigns. Get started today! It takes just 5 minutes!

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